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Lay out for Coke (McCann 1983)

Long before the computers, the brushes and gouache, ecoline and oil ruled the illustration's world.
This is a lay out of coca-cola to be approved by the client. Circa 1983.

After I left the Fine Arts School in 1978 I went to work as an illustrator for Ad agencies.
This is one of my works at that time...

Muito antes dos computadores, os pincéis, as tintas guache, ecoline e óleo reinavam na ilustração publicitária.
Esta imagem é para um layout da coca-cola a ser aprovado pelo cliente. 1983

Após deixar a EBA em 1978 comecei a trabalhar como ilustrador em várias agências de publicidade e este é um dos raros trabalhos que tenho daquela época...(Plestossauro, talvez?...) ;)

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Modeled with 3D Max and renderized with Mental Ray.

These are old works but I like them very much, not for the technically perfect image
but these works have a certain special mood and are nice to be seen...
Some great photos were made by pin holes cameras,
so are these images created with Max 3.0 and 5.0... ;)

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Old Cups

Modeled with 3D Max and renderized with Mental Ray.
Window shader from Jeff Patton.

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Another wire...

The socks, shirt and short were modeled in Mudbox level 6.
The earth was in level 2.
The rest of the scene were modeled in 3D Max.