domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Formula 1 race car circa 2009

Formula 1 race car  circa 2009

Software Used: 3D Max2010 SP1, Photoshop CS3

I've made this car by the requests of an advertising agency here in Rio de Janeiro.
They need it completed in less than 3 days... It should be a generic formula1,
‘cause our client doesn’t sponsor any...
I asked for more time, but the agency was in a hurry (as always...)
So I decided to do it by myself...
the color scheme of the car is a tribute to my soccer team Flamengo
who is the winner of the Brasilian soccer championship of 2009.
The car took me one week to be finished!
I’ve looked in the Internet for the official documents of formula1
in order to have the right dimensions to model my own car.

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